If you are here, it is safe to assume that you are probably interested in everything regarding Ravenclaw. Well, you have arrived to the perfect place.

You will find several sections in this page that may interest you for different reasons. Keep in mind that the content of each section is centered in everything Ravenclaw, so even if there may be mentions to people in other houses, they will not be the main topic here.

One of the sections that might interest you is the one that focuses on the characters. These will all be former Ravenclaws, some of them you will know a lot about, but others may surprise you quite a bit. Did you know that Sybill Trelawney was sorted into Ravenclaw? Well, if you want to know more check out her page, you’ll love it. And she is not the only one.

This wouldn’t be a Ravenclaw page without Luna Lovegood. She is the best known Ravenclaw in the story, so we had to include her. And although we know a lot about her, there is still much that people don’t associate with her. 

What we hope will surprise you a little bit is the approach we have chosen. Keeping in mind that this page focuses on traits, instead of a biography we have done a study of character traits. We hope it will be interesting for you, and you enjoy it.

There is also a section about the basis of the house. The Founder, The Ghost… We have tried to give you as much information as possible. Keep in mind that there is not a lot out there, but we have researched and got our own conclusions. There are people missing in this section, we know. Give us some time and you’ll have more to read about.

 You will also find a special feature about The Common Room that we really hope you enjoy. If you were not sorted into Ravenclaw, some of this may be news to you. If you were you will get a chance to relive some of your best memories.

And, of course, the section that gives this page its name, Traits. In it, we will try and explain in detail each of the traits that are usually associated with Ravenclaw house. Some of them are well-known, but some others are not probably the first ones that come to mind. It’s ok, we will explain our reasoning. 

We have tried to focus on what the story says about them, and on the characters. Naturally, right now there are only a few of them. Research takes time, you know? But don’t worry, more are in the works. There are so many traits to talk about that this section will keep growing. 

And finally, the MBTI section. Surely many of you know what this means, but just in case you don’t, it is a classification of personality based on four different dichotomies. This results in 16 main personality types, each with its specific characteristics. What we have done is study them and choose the ones that could be sorted into Ravenclaw for one reason or the other. 

Some may be obvious from the beginning, but in others we will have to look a bit closer. Check them out because maybe you’ll find yourself in one of them. That way you can finally prove you are a true Ravenclaw!

We are positive you will find something of interest in at least one of the sections, so feel free to look around and have fun!

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