Welcome! In this page you will find information on some of the Ravenclaw characters that we have either met or just got a glimpse from throughout the Harry Potter books.

Of course, we have our well-known characters, like Luna Lovegood. I mean, it’s impossible to talk about Ravenclaw characters and ignore her. She is also one of the people we know more about, and she is truly beloved by the fans for good reasons. So, we had to create her own section. She is probably the only Ravenclaw character who we have a lot of information about, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of her that are less known. So, here’s our take on her, we hope you enjoy it.

However, we will also take a look at characters we know a lot less about, like Cho Chang. She is mostly ignored by many, but she is a truly interesting person to get to know. For her, and other characters in the same situation, we will try to find out who they truly are based on what little we know about them. What did you expect? This is a Ravenclaw inspired page so the content is, of course, written by a Ravenclaw who loves researching. And there is no better research than the one done when the information is little.

Our approach to telling you about the characters is going to be a little bit different. Instead of giving you a biography of each of the characters, which others, like the Harry Potter Wiki have already done amazingly well, we are going to look at their main traits. Because this is the aim of this page, to focus on the specific personality aspects that make these characters who they are. And they are the reasons why they got into Ravenclaw, so they must be important. Yes, even Sybill Trelawney. Check her page and you’ll see she truly is a Ravenclaw.

We will give you our interpretation of what the scenes in the books tell us about these character’s personality and how they apply to their sorting. But, we have to warn you, be aware that the fact that they are Ravenclaws doesn’t mean they are perfectly fitted for the house. Some of them may be examples of who not to be to make your house proud. Or has anyone forgotten Gilderoy Lockhart? Well, we haven’t, and we couldn’t create a Ravenclaw page and ignore the people we don’t completely like. Because that’s the reality, in every family there’s a black sheep and we can’t deny their existence.  So, check his page and see what you think.

We hope you find these articles interesting and that they give you a new perspective into the lives and personalities of all these different people. And keep coming back, because we will keep adding new characters to this section as soon as we have all the information and research we believe is necessary to give you a good analysis.

Have a great reading!