Honest traits category

When thinking of what makes a Ravenclaw, this is one of the most important traits to consider. A good Ravenclaw will not lie to you, period. Yes, I’ve said a good Ravenclaw because we all know every family has a black sheep. Anyway, the point is they will never say something just to make you feel better unless it is what they really think. So, if you like your friends to always tell you how amazing and absolutely right you are, maybe you should look elsewhere. A Ravenclaw will just not go for that, which sometimes makes them loners. I mean, being honest is not exactly helpful with friendships.

If, however, you like your friends to be truthful, go find yourself a Ravenclaw. Though, be careful because this honesty sometimes makes them tactless. They don’t do it to hurt you in any way, shape or form. It’s just that they really really need you to understand what they’re saying. If they are completely certain you have done something wrong, they will definitely tell you directly. But, there are also the moments when they will off-handedly give you an amazing compliment because they honestly believe you deserve it. And that’s when you know you did something truly right. So give them some slack if you still want them in your life.

Ravenclaws, in general, believe that honesty is the only way forward. This means they will not only practice it, but will expect everyone else to do exactly the same. This can put them in difficult positions, seeing as they tend to believe what anyone says as the utmost truth, specially from those they trust. Which means if someone they consider a trustworthy person tells them something, it’s the truth. They will automatically defend it without a second thought. Does this sound familiar?

However, we all know that many people lie. So whenever you find yourself in a situation in which a Ravenclaw you know and love is spouting nonsense because someone told them it’s the truth, it won’t be easy to change their mind. You will have to be very patient and use every logical argument and reasoning you can come up with. This way, little by little you can make them see the error of their ways. But beware of the fact that realizing someone they trust has lied to them can make them feel sad and disappointed, so be prepared to be their crying shoulder. 

So, just try to accept the good and the bad and work with it. If you do, you will have a great friend in your life.