INFJ - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

INFJ Mbti category

This group of people are not necessarily considered the perfect example of a Ravenclaw. However, many of the main traits they show could make them one.

One of those traits is most interesting for us. INFJs look for meaning in every little thing around them. Whether it is an idea, a theory, a relationship or a physical item, they will try to find a significance or a connection. This will probably make them the perfect person to be close to when you need to retrieve your books from your dorm and can’t find the answer to the riddle.

They are also good judges of character, because they are tremendously perceptive and insightful. That gives them some advantage in dealing with everyone else, but also makes them overreact sometimes. They may pick every little detail of every little thing and come up with the wrong conclusion. They may start an argument where there is none to have, but once they get there there is no going back.

The thing is INFJs don’t like conflict. Because of this, they will only confront someone if they feel they have all the evidence. They have to be sure they can  prove their point. So, if they start an argument they will not be prepared to change their mind. For this reason, if they are truly wrong it will take ages to convince them of that.

And finally, they can get really angry at those who don’t want to see things from different points of view. This is something that makes them true Ravenclaws, they love to see things from every perspective possible, and they hate people who just don’t want to even try. If you see them red in the face and about to explode, that is probably what’s going on. They are trying to reason with someone who is just unwilling to see more points of view than theirs.