INTJ - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

INTJ Mbti category

INTJs are a personality type that covers just a small fraction of those who belong in Ravenclaw. However, some of their main traits fit perfectly in the group. Due to this, we have decided to include them here.

The main reason for sorting them into Ravenclaw is that INTJs have a critical mind. This means that they are able to, through deep analysis, see the errors in their surroundings and work to solve them. It is highly probable that you see them camped in the library looking for information on the origins of a spell to be able to find a counter for it. Or maybe they are trying to find a way out from a detention they deem undeserved. And, how do they do it? By studying every aspect of the rule to find a loophole.  The fact that they will end up spending the whole weekend there is just accidental.

INTJs are usually pretty quiet, and tend to focus all their attention on whatever it is they are doing at that precise moment. Which in turn makes them forget about the world around them. They can seem unfriendly, but this would be a misunderstanding. The thing is, when they are working, they prefer to do so alone. Well, at least until they have a clear idea of the topic they are researching.

They may also come up as slightly arrogant, which is just a reflection of their self-assurance. So yes, they know how smart and resolutive they are and they will not hide it. INTJs are too honest to lie even about that. They also exploit their skills without a doubt because of this awareness, so they tend to be highly effective. These individuals also look for the same in the rest of the people around them. If they strive for excellence, they will look for people who they believe are going for the same. INTJs can’t stand lazy or under-performing people. Why? Because from their point of view that is just a waste of talent which should not be allowed.

INTJs are good at any task or job that requires a deep analysis, but it is true that if they focus on a big issue, small details are overlooked. The big picture is their focus, their main interest. However, sometimes this small details are vital to achieve the results wanted. Which is why it is a good idea for them to work with at least someone else. They will probably not want to do so, but if that someone is a good thinker and can be logical when explaining the mistakes, it could work pretty well.