ISTP - Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

ISTP Mbti category

Let me introduce you to the most efficient of all Ravenclaws. ISTPs are the ones who, when confronted with a problem, will react immediately. They will analyze the problem quickly, and right then will start researching all possible solutions. Though they will not just go to the library and start reading every book, oh no. They will go precisely to the two or three tomes that have the exact information they will need. Thus, in a short amount of time, they will have at least two possible solutions at the ready.

And those solutions will set to achieve the best result with the least amount of effort. So, if they don’t work, you are not exhausted and even if you didn’t get the perfect outcome, you’ll be as close to the end as possible.

ISTPs are the best people to have close in a moment of crisis. They will not cower into a corner and cry about the bad luck they have. These people will confront the situation head on, no matter the risks they will have to face. They are great at thinking on their feet. And even though they prefer to have research to back up their choices, they can make quick decisions if needed.

But sometimes they will take a risk just for fun, and even though they usually are very independent and kind of lonely, they may drag someone else in the process. This happens because they tend to get bored easily.Because of this, when they see something to do that may be even remotely more interesting than what they are doing at that moment, they will just change directions with no regard to anyone else.

However, they are so optimistic and cheerful that people usually forgive them quickly if the offence wasn’t terribly bad. They will always give you good advice, and will try to make you feel better about yourself when you are feeling down. So, give them a chance even if you find them a bit flighty at first, they might surprise you.