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Luna Lovegood

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Fact File

Born13 February 1981
ParentsXenophilius and Pandora Lovegood


Luna Lovegood wearing Quibbler glasses


This, along with ‘dreamy’ is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Luna Lovegood. And yes, it’s one of her main traits. When we meet her for the first time that’s the first impression we get. She is sitting in a compartment by herself, reading a magazine upside down and wearing a butterbeer cork necklace. She is described as having a permanently surprised look, which may distract us from how intelligent and perceptive she is.

There are many examples of her quirkiness throughout the books. I think we all remember her radish earrings, and her discreet and understated lion headpiece for Quidditch games. But not all of them had to do with her fashion choices. She believes everything her father publishes in ‘The Quibbler’. And that includes the ‘Rotfang Conspiracy’ and the existence of creatures such as the Crumple-Horned Snorkack.


Luna Lovegood serene at Malfoy Manor dungeon


Can you think of a time when Luna got anxious, nervous or lost her mind? Because we’ve been looking and we can’t find a moment. The only moment she seems to be affected by something is during that first train trip. At some point she gets kind of angry at Hermione because she harshly criticizes ‘The Quibbler’. Which, for her, is a major offence.

However, we see her later being captured, restrained and gagged by the Inquisitorial Squad and Dolores Umbridge. This would seem like a pretty stressful situation, right? Well, not for our Luna, she doesn’t seem to mind at all and keeps her sunny disposition for all that time.

Another time when we get to see Luna’s unflappable character is when Harry and Ron find her in a cell at Malfoy Manor. Even though she has probably been there for a while and the situation is not precisely nice, she is calm and collected. But not only that, for the time she has been there she was not alone. Garrick Ollivander, the wandmaker, has been there that whole time, and by his own words we know that Luna has been his support for the duration of their capture.


Luna Lovegood smiling at Harry Potter


Though she seems to be dreamy and unfocused, she is shown throughout the books to be extremely perceptive. The best example is how she recognises Harry during Fleur and Bill’s wedding at The Burrow. Harry is polyjuiced to look as another Weasley cousin, but she just sees through the disguise and knows exactly who he is the minute she lays eyes on him.

But that is not the only way she shows that she sees beyond the obvious. Many take her statements as a bunch of nonsense, but she keeps seeing things that the rest don’t. If you haven’t noticed, reread the books and pay special attention to everything Luna says. You’ll be surprised.


Luna Lovegood creating patronus


Knowing she is a Ravenclaw, this is a given, but we don’t know much about her school results or her academic achievements. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to glimpse her brilliant moments in the books. One of those moments joins her perceptiveness with her intelligence. When she’s at the Hog’s Head during the meeting to create a defense club, she realizes that things are getting out of hand with all the questions about Cedric and she decides to intervene. But she doesn’t just say whatever, she asks a question she knows will make everyone interested. She asks about Harry’s patronus.

And here is where her intelligence shines through, because that is the perfect question to break the growing tension and hostility that were getting out of hand. She just uses a few words to redirect attention to the perfect spot, and she achieves exactly that.


Luna Lovegood wearing lion hat


This is probably something not a lot of people consider about Luna, but it is also one of her traits. I think everyone remembers the moment when Harry, Ron and Hermione go to her room in Deathly Hallows and they discover that the roof of her room is covered with portraits of the people she considers her friends: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Neville.

These portraits have been painted by her, and they are described as “beautifully painted”, which shows that our Luna is clearly artistically talented. The pictures don’t seem to move, which means that she probably doesn’t control the technique completely, but the paintings appear to have some kind of magic, as they appear to be breathing.

Or maybe this is exactly her intention, to make them reminders of her friends, but not copies that she can interact with. If we know something about Luna, it is that she would rather be alone than spend time with people she doesn’t like.