MBTI category

For those of you who don’t know, the Myers-Briggs is a personality inventory that just wants to make C.G. Jung’s psychological types more understandable and useful by categorizing them based on four dichotomies. These dichotomies are normally determined through a test. It will determine your basic characteristics so that you can understand a little bit better your own personality, abilities and weaknesses.

The first one is whether you are Extroverted (E) or Introverted (I). This deals with your general preference in spending your time, in the outside world, or in your inner world. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be shy. It only means that you would rather spend an evening alone at home than spending it surrounded by others.

The second dichotomy within the MBTI is whether you rely more on Sensing (S) and what you perceive through your five senses, or on Intuition (N) and the impressions or feelings you get from each situation. We all use both, so this is not a choice between one and the other. It’s more like choosing which one you tend to use more or trust more.

The third dichotomy has to do with the way you make your decisions. Do you base it more on Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)? If you usually are really logical and prefer to investigate the facts and truths no matter what the situation is, you rely more on Thinking. However, if you focus more on the opinions and feelings of the people involved in each individual situation disregarding the general facts, you are more dependent on Feeling.

The fourth and final dichotomy deals with how people see you, what you show to the world. Do people always tell you that you are really organized and focused on the goal? Then you use Judging (J) when dealing with others. Or, do you get described as flexible, adaptable and spontaneous? Well, this means you use Perceiving (P) in your outside life.

All of this is going to give us 16 basic personality types, each one with its one specific characteristics and quirks. What we are doing in this section is seeing which ones could fit withing Ravenclaw House. For it, we take into account their main traits and specifics. Some of them will be clear from the beginning, and some others will probably take some time to see, but we will explain our choice the best way possible.