Open Minded

Open Minded traits category

Have you ever felt like you never fit in any group? Have you been called extravagant, dreamy or eccentric over and over? Then you will find your place inside Ravenclaw House.

The people who get sorted in this house tend to have open minds and are usually accepting of everyone around them. So, if you have answered yes to the questions at the beginning, they are the best group to be with. Ravenclaws will welcome you with open arms. Thet will make you feel as if you have found your long lost relatives after many years of searching.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions or theories about the world. Remember, you are surrounded by Ravenclaws. The main reaction you’re probably going to get is curiosity and a lot of companions to go alongside you in your quest for the answer. They will go to the library with you to read the most obscure of books. Surely, the solution to the riddle you are presenting them has to be somewher. And, if you can’t find the perfect explanation, they will be there to make you feel better. How, you ask? Reminding you about everything you have learned in the process.

Because that’s it, they love learning. So, whatever new field of study they can dive into or strange theory they can investigate will be a pleasure for them, no matter the outcome. Ravenclaws have a deep respect for knowledge and investigation, and are willing to take it to extremes. So, don’t be surprised if they end up spending all night reading a book they have found that may or may not have a connection with the topic you are dealing with.

But their open minds are not only limited to theories and learning. They are also truly appreciative of creativity, whether it is applied in study or in art. Imagination is power for them, because it helps them see further from just the blatantly obvious and find connections where there may seem to be none.