The common room

The common room

The Common Room The house

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to enter your common room for the first time? Well, we’re going to do our best to give you a glimpse.

Okay, so your first day at Hogwarts has already been a whirlwind of emotion. You were feeling sad but excited while waiting with your family at the platform, saying goodbye and looking around at all the people that surrounded you, trying to soak it all in. And then the journey. How to explain it? Nerves, emotion, meeting tons of new people, and getting anxious about what’s coming.

Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4

You fell asleep out of stress and nerves and, suddenly you wake up hearing the announcement that the train is arriving to Hogsmeade and you had to run and get changed in a rush. You stepped down the train and heard a voice booming “Firs’years! Firs’ years over here!” and when you found the origin of the voice you couldn’t help but look in wonder at the towering man signaling to you. And, just like all the other first years around you, you started to follow him.

First years arriving at Hogwarts

You got into a boat with other three students you had met in the train and crossed a huge dark lake. While crossing, you got your first view of Hogwarts and couldn’t help but thank your lucky stars.

Once in the castle, you had to wait in a room to get to the sorting, which was really unnerving because though you had already read in ‘Hogwarts, a History’ what it was, you couldn’t help but wonder if the rules had changed and you had to fight a dragon. And then you finally got to sit on the stool and you were proclaimed a “Ravenclaw!” Yes! Exactly what you wanted. And then the feast went by in a blur and you were following your prefect to your common room.

Moving staircases at Hogwarts with lots of portraits on the walls

So now you are walking through the castle trying to remember the way and looking around at the pictures on the wall. Most of them are really nice, but there are some that seem to have a screw loose. And suddenly, the staircase yo are on starts to move and you hold on to the railing as if your life depends on it. The prefect then explains to you that this happens sometimes, but it’s ok and you will not get lost every day. Probably.

After a little while, you arrive to another staircase, but this one seems to be really tall. You start going up and after what seems like an eternity everyone stops. The prefect that is guiding you explains to you that to enter the Ravenclaw common room there isn’t a password as in the rest of the houses. That would be too easy.

No, the door to the common room has a beautiful eagle-shaped knocker which will propose a riddle. Until you answer the riddle correctly, you cannot enter. But as long as your answer is well reasoned and makes sense, there isn’t an exact answer. It seems that there is a small crowd waiting at the door and some of them are arguing about the possible interpretations of today’s riddle. After someone else asks, the prefect tells you the riddle.

“What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?”

Well, it seems pretty straightforward… or not? Everyone starts to debate the possible options, until a kid on your left timidly says, “Could it be my left hand? I mean, it’s impossible to hold your left hand in your left hand, isn’t it?” And then he blushes and looks at the ground. But suddenly, a tall girl (she is probably a sixth or seventh year) looks at him in wonder and says, “Of course! We’ve been so stupid! Thank you so so much, I really need to go to the bathroom.” And you see the door slowly open and everyone gets in.

Window, bookcase and desk at Ravenclaw Common Room

Now your jaw falls open. It is beautiful. The room is round and really big, but it has a high domed ceiling that makes it seem huge. The ceiling is painted with stars and it makes you feel as if you were outside. The walls are filled with bookcases, with books filling every shelf to the brim. It’s like heaven on earth and you are already adding a few hours a day to explore the titles on them.

All around there are beautiful arched windows that show a beautiful starry night sky, and you hear someone say that the common room has the best views of all the castle. They talk about the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, and the Quidditch pitch. You feel amazingly lucky that you get to live there for seven years.

Finally, you all start to yawn and the prefects decide it’s high time to go to bed. They divide you into boys and girls and each group goes to a different staircase. Finally they show you the door to your dorm and you see right in front of you a four poster bed that looks simply stunning. It is covered in sky blue bedding and it seems it’s calling you. The prefect leaves and, after putting on your nightclothes and saying goodnight to your new roomates you get in bed and close your eyes.

You fall asleep filled with hope for the future and you dream of all the things you will learn in the school.